Our product assortment is geared exclusively toward commercial customers.

Quality matters!

We offer the highest quality standards.

That's why our service-team only consists of experienced experts. We can judge the condition of the equipment correctly and are able to carry out professional repairs and maintenance. To enable the camera equipment to perform well in the tough day-to-day use, we only utilize original spare parts from the manufacturer for the repairs and maintenance and make sure we apply only approved oils, greases and additives, whenever possible.

Equipment matters!

We don't only talk about quality, but offer it! 

To check the camera technology we use high-quality test- & measurement equipment like Moeller-Wedel auto-collimator, Cooke lens testing projector, Denz flange depth controller, various test gauges or appliances etc…

We offer professional maintenance and repairs for the following equipment:

  • Lenses from Zeiss, ARRI, Cooke, Angenieux, Kowa, Elite, Lomo
  • Fluid Heads from Sachtler, O’Connor and Cartoni
  • Camera accessories
  • ARRI 16mm and 35mm film cameras and accessories (as far there are still spare parts available)
  • Further repairs upon request

Refurbishment on:

  • ARRI Ultraprimes
  • Zeiss Highspeed lenses and standard lenses
  • Elite lenses 
  • Further refurbishments upon request