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K-Tek – Boom Box Multifunctional Boom Stand KBB1
K-Tek – Boom Box Multifunctional Boom Stand KBB1
The Boom Box is a strong and versatile Microphone Boom Stand which doubles as an Apple Box to sit and stand on. The wooden box features numerous flush cut-out handles for easy carrying, and a large center cylinder for the boom pole. It...
€169.00 *
K-Tek Squid Universal Mount
K-Tek Squid Universal Mount
KSQD1 – K-Tek Squid Universal Mount The Squid, a multi-purpose mounting solution to connect a transmitter, monitor, mobile device or remote to a boom pole, tripod, handgrip or other tube shaped object.Made of strong elastic silicone, the...
€20.00 * €23.50 *