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Denz PLC Mark II
Denz PLC Mark II
Analogue positioning for robust operation; free of float, low maintenance Denz testchart incl. image formats for: Full frame (36x24), RED Helium, Super35, APS-CMFT, 1" Siemensstars and linepairs of 12-200 lp/mm, anamorphic Siemensstar...
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Denz MFC65 Medium Format Projector
Denz MFC65 Medium Format Projector
incl. Reticle DENZChart65 in precision mount (swappable) LED Light Engine DENZ Basic Mount Ø87 (DB87) Integrated Touch Screen, dimmable Integrated Distance Finder (m/ft) Integrated Laserpointer / green Integrated Electronic Bubble Level,...
€19,750.00 *