Our product assortment is geared exclusively toward commercial customers.

About us


Since 2009, the Munich (Germany) based company PURE4C offers products and services for the film industry. PURE4C was founded to serve the needs of professionals looking for one place to purchase and repair their equipment.

We offer sales of new and used equipment as well as repair and maintenance of the valuable Cine-Equipment.

Lens service and repairs is our specialty, no matter if they are high-end of the newest generation or just very rare and hardly known vintage lenses.

PURE4C is also known for service on fluid heads, mechanical accessories and customized cables.

When working with PURE4C, you can count to be in contact with a professional staff that will always try to help and to serve your needs. You can trust on the experience and knowledge of the technicians working on your equipment. (Factory trained by ARRI, Zeiss, Cooke, OConnor, Sachtler and Cartoni).

We are looking forward to work with you in the future and to build up a great business relationship.