Newly created in 2015, XEEN introduces professional video-cinema lenses. Guided by feedback from professional directors of photography, they were created to deliver the quality demanded by commercial and artistic productions. A masterpiece of design, a culmination of Samyang’s expertise in optical engineering.

XEEN aims to deliver superior optics, for maximum user satisfaction. With bright T1.5 aperture and outstanding optical performance for 4K+, focus are free to concentrate on the only thing that matters- realizing their creative power. A masterpiece of both form and function, made to meet the needs of professional video-cinema producers and creators, XEEN blazes a new trail in the professional lens market. Expand your horizons with XEEN.

XEEN Lenses XEEN Lenses XEEN Lenses XEEN Lenses
XEEN Lenses XEEN Lenses XEEN Lenses XEEN Lenses

Product Description:

  • Bright aperture of T1.5 for low-light situations
  • Resolving Power for 6K video (6144x3160)
  • Outstanding optical performance for 4K+
  • 5 interchangeable mounts (PL, EF, F, E, and MFT)
  • X-Coating Technology for exceptional image quality
  • Full-frame coverage (36x24mm)
  • Declicked gear rings for follow-focus system
  • Focus and aperture gear rings in standardized positions
  • Reliable aluminum metal housing
  • Consistent front diameter for professional cinema production
  • Calibrated focus scales in metric or imperial units

Specifications: PDF

XEEN cinema lense 24 mm: 1.999,00 Euro* (zzgl. MwSt./plus VAT)
XEEN cinema lense 50 mm: 1.999,00 Euro* (zzgl. MwSt./plus VAT)
XEEN cinema lense 85 mm: 1.999,00 Euro* (zzgl. MwSt./plus VAT)
XEEN Lense Set - 24, 50, 85 mm:
5.997,00 Euro* (zzgl. MwSt./plus VAT)
Case included!
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