Cooke Metrology Lens Test Projector

Cooke Lens Test Projector

Feature Highlights:

  • 200W Ceramic Tungsten Lamp
  • Dimmable Electronic Ballast
  • Adjustable Back Focus
  • Dial gauge for analog Back Focus Read-out
  • Connector for USB work light
  • Lemo 2-pin Connector for 12V-output
  • Interchangeable Mount System with PL Mount
  • Optional Canon EF-Mount, Nikon Mount, and more
  • Support for 19mm and 15mm Rods
  • Tool for Correct Line-up When Testing Anamorphic Lenses
  • Flange Depth Control without Touching the Sensitive Reticle
  • Upgrade 1: Wire Remote Control for Back Focus Adjustment
  • Upgrade 2: Box with Large LEDS for Flange Depth Read-out
  • Usable for all High-Speed Lenses

The Cooke Lens Test Projector is the first product in the new "Cooke Metrology" product line. It was developed for one of the most critical and demanding aspects of cinematography: to ensure that cinema lenses are adjusted and maintained to the highest standards possible. The Cooke Lens Test Projector functions like a slide projector, shining an even and bright light onto a reticle. The image is projected through the back of the lens onto a flat white wall. This allows testers to see how the lens handles geometric distortion of straight lines, whether there is chromatic aberration, internal barrel flare, sharpness, where the edges fall off (shading), if the lens breathes, etc.

Due to its innovative design and open aperture, the Cooke Lens Test Projector’s light output is the highest of any lens projector available today, allowing the user to judge and adjust even the fastest high speed lenses. Cooke Metrology’s projector is so bright it can be demonstrated in daylight.

Too bright? No problem. Simply turn the dimmer knob to adjust light output on the electronic ballast without changing color temperature. Color stability and uniform illumination across the entire field is an essential part of Cooke's projector design, assuring easier judgment, focus and test repeatability on any lens.

In addition to PL-mount lenses, the projector’s interchangeable lens mount system accommodates a variety of other mount types like, Panavision, Canon, Nikon, BNC-R and more.

The weighted lens projector base means you can test heavy zoom lenses without having to mount the projector onto a base or stand, making it transportable and convenient. Safely and easily work on telephoto lenses by using the available lens support mount with 19mm support rods.

The Cooke Lens Projector is your turnkey solution. You will be up and running with higher quality at a lower cost and with a choice of accessories and upgrades.

Accessories include: remote focus control, wired back focus adjustment, monitors, lens support, and custom test charts.

The Cooke Lens Test Projector, Basic Turnkey System, includes:

  • Cooke Lens Test Projector (110V/220V)
  • PL-Mount
  • Lens Test Chart (Reticule)
  • Analog Measuring Gauge

The Cooke Lens Projector is specified by Cooke Optics and manufactured by Pure4C.

10.950,00 Euro* (zzgl. MwSt./plus VAT)

  Cooke Lens Test Projector Cooke Lens Test Projector Cooke Lens Test Projector


Read-Out Display Cooke Lens Test Projector

Read-Out Display for Cooke Lens Test Projector

1.250,00 Euro* (zzgl. MwSt./plus VAT)

Electronic Board to Upgrade for Read-Out Display

850,00 Euro* (zzgl. MwSt./plus VAT)


Remote Control Cooke Lens Test Projector

Remote Control for Cooke Lens Test Projector
Wired, 5m

950,00 Euro* (zzgl. MwSt./plus VAT)


Electronic Board Upgrade

Electronic Board to upgrade for Read-Out Display and/or Remore Control

850,00 Euro* (zzgl. MwSt./plus VAT)


Cooke IMS Lens Mount Canon EF

Cooke IMS Lens Mount Canon EF Interchangeable Mount System (IMS)

770,00 Euro*
(zzgl. MwSt./plus VAT)


Cooke IMS Lens Mount Nikon F

Cooke IMS Mount Nikon F PROFESSIONAL Interchangeable Mount System (IMS)

Price on request


PL-Mount Measuring Gauge Set

805,00 Euro* (zzgl. MwSt./plus VAT)

*All prices are net prices plus value-added tax. All specifications and prices are subject to change without prior notification. Errors and changes excepted.


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