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sinaCAM HDC1-D

sinaCAM: one step ahead!

  • High Light Sensitivity thanks to CCD Sensor Technology
  • No Motion Artifacts thanks to True Global Shutter
  • 13 F-Stops Dynamic Range thanks to 14 Bit Signal Processing
  • up to 60 Frames per Second at 1920×1080 Pixels (Progressive Scan)
  • Identical 3D Image Properties thanks to Single Processing Unit


sinaCam sinaCam sinaCam sinaCam sinaCam

sinaCAM LT - for 2D broadcasting applications

sinaCam The sinaCAM LT is a small remote head HD camera for 2D broadcasting applications based on the proCAM platform.

  • Lightweight & Flexible: Only a single coax cable for the remote head
  • 13.5 f-stops Dynamic Range: 14-bit processing, Rec. 709 and S-Log gamma
  • CCD Sensor Technology: 200-800 ASA, true global shutter
  • Sony RCP Support: advanced settings via remote control panel
  • High Frame Rates: up to 60 fps at 720p, 1080p
  • Professional C-Mount: Easy and precise back focus adjustment

sinaCAM LT Flyer


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